Henry Johnson + Christian ‎(unknown)‎

Children  ‎(No children)‎

Parents Grandparents
Henry Johnson ‎(I515)‎
Birth Yes
Death Yes

Christian ‎(unknown)‎ ‎(I514)‎
Death between 8 August 1712 and 13 August 1713 Probably, Essex County, Virginia

Family Group Information   (F215)
Marriage after October 1695 Possibly, Essex County, Virginia

Note: I use after 1695 because Oct 1695 is the last known appearance of Andrew in known documents. So we know he was alive then. On 2 Oct 1700 ‎(Richmond Co.,VA Court Orders)‎ "Administration is granted to Christian Johnson upon all & singular the Estate of Andrew Bourne deced. during the minorities of Peter Bourne". It is known that Peter Bourne was a son of Christian who appears earlier in Richmond County records as Christian Bourne. This administration appointment strongly implies that she had been the wife of Andrew Bourne whose last appearance in records had been in Oct. 1695. ‎(Richmond Co.,VA Court Orders 2 Oct1695, will of Edward Price proved by John and Andrew Bourne.)‎ Widow, Christian Johnson, appointed administrator of estate 2Oc t 1700. Richmond Co. VA Court Order 2 Oct 17 : "Ordered that Mr. Richard Shippie, Mr. John Fisaker, Walter Francis or any two of them some time between this and the next Court held domeet and do inventory & appraise all & singular the estate ofAndr ew Bourne deced." This is information found on the internet ‎(on several different sites I do not know who the original author is)‎, as always all information will need to be verified and checked against original documents. -22 November 2007 Jane
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