James R Bauman  ‎(I10)‎
Given Names: James R
Surname: Bauman

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: Yes
Death: Yes
Personal Facts and Details
MarriageReligious Marriage
Margaret Murray - Kansas City, Kansas

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Immediate Family  (F4)
Margaret Murray
1856 -
James Robert Bauman Jr.
1890 - 1955

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Close Relatives
Family with Margaret Murray
James R Bauman ‎(I10)‎
Birth Yes
Death Yes
Margaret Murray ‎(I8)‎
Birth 1856 41 36 Steuben County, New York
Death Yes

Religious Marriage:   -- Kansas City, Kansas
Son (Birth)
James Robert Bauman Jr. ‎(I64)‎
Birth 10 April 1890 34 Kansas City, Missouri
Death 15 March 1955 ‎(Age 64)‎ Age: 64 Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri