David McCormack  ‎(I319)‎
Given Names: David
Surname: McCormack

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: Yes
Death: Yes
Personal Facts and Details
Marriage Unicia Davis - 12 March 1832 Callaway County, Missouri, U.S.A.

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Parents Family  (F111)
James McCormack
- 1831
Nancy Crozier
- 1830
William McCormack
1800 -
Jane McCormack
1810 - 1865
Anne McCormack
Mary McCormack
(Birth) David McCormack
James McCormack Jr
John McCormack

Immediate Family  (F277)
Unicia Davis



According to the book "A History of the Pioneer Families of Missouri: With Numerous…" by William Smith Bryan and Robert Rose. Richard Jones married a Unicia Davis. He afterward died of consumption.

Richard Jones sister Elizabeth L. Jones married William McCormack ‎(recorded Callaway County marriage 3 January 1822.)‎ Other recorded marriages in Callaway are those of William McCormack's brother, David McCormack who married Unice Jones 12 March 1832 and sister of William and David McCormack, Jane McCormack, who married Charles R. Ward 21 December 1826.

It is highly probable, with the evidence we have ‎(see below)‎ placing these family's as neighbors and their inter-marriages, that after Richard died, his wife Unicia Davis Jones was the same Unice Jones that married David McCormack 12 March 1832, ‎(R ecorded marriage with name listed as Unice Jones)‎.

The 1830 Federal Census page 75 shows the family's of William McCormack and William Jones as having lived only 6 enumerations apart from each other.
Land Patents for William McCormack, William Jones, and Charles R Ward show them in the same Township and Range though different but connecting sections.

Callaway County marriages:
McCormack, William m. Jones, Elizabeth L - Jan 3 1822
McCormic, David m. Jones, Unice - Mar 12 1832
McCormick, Jane m. Ward, Charles Dec 21 1826

Though none of the above is primary evidence and must be further researched I believe this is strong enough evidence to connect these families together. - 4 April 2008 Jane

The will of James McCormack "Sr."

James McCormack--Will--1830
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Callaway County Land Deeds
Volume C, page 100
Will of James McCormack, dated 5 October 1830, proved 21 November 1831
Son: David McCormack
Mentions land bought from William McCormack
Son: John McCormack
Daughter: Ann McCormack
Daughter: Mary McCormack
Daughter: Jane Ward
Son: James McCormack
Son: William McCormack-3 April 2008 Jane
Information located and retrieved 2 April 2008 Jane

MCCORMACK, JAMES will dated 5 Oct 1830. Tract of land which he bought of William McCormack ‎(on which they now live)‎ to son David McCormack provided he pay son John McCormack $50.00 when he becomes 21 and $40.00 to daughter Ann McCormack.Also mentio ns following children: Daughter, Mary McCormack; daughter Jane Ward; son James McCormack, son William McCormack. Exr. William McCormack. Wit: Alexander Fruit and William Jones. Recorded 21 Nov 1831. ‎(154-155)‎
Source: "Missouri Pioneers", County & Genealogical Records Volume XVII - Callaway County, Abstracts of Wills, Page 12. -Information located and retrieved 17 December 2007 William E Ward

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Family with Parents
James McCormack ‎(I315)‎
Birth Ireland
Death 21 November 1831 Callaway County, Missouri
Nancy Crozier ‎(I316)‎
Birth Butler County, Pennsylvania
Death before 5 October 1830 Callaway County, Missouri

Marriage:   -- Butler County, Pennsylvania
Brother (Birth)
William McCormack ‎(I317)‎
Birth between 1800 and 1809 Butler County, Pennsylvania
Death Yes
11 years
Jane McCormack ‎(I16)‎
Birth 16 July 1810 North of Ft. Pitt, Butler County, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Death 19 August 1865 ‎(Age 55)‎ Mexico, Audrain County, Missouri, U.S.A.
Sister (Birth)
Anne McCormack ‎(I322)‎
Birth Yes
Death Yes
Sister (Birth)
Mary McCormack ‎(I321)‎
Birth Yes
Death Yes
David McCormack ‎(I319)‎
Birth Yes
Death Yes
Brother (Birth)
James McCormack Jr ‎(I318)‎
Birth Butler County, Pennsylvania
Death Yes
Brother (Birth)
John McCormack ‎(I320)‎
Birth Yes
Death Yes
Family with Unicia Davis
David McCormack ‎(I319)‎
Birth Yes
Death Yes
Unicia Davis ‎(I648)‎
Birth Yes
Death Yes

Marriage: 12 March 1832 -- Callaway County, Missouri, U.S.A.

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