Catherine E "Katie" ‎(unknown)‎  ‎(I32)‎
Given Names: Catherine E
Nickname: Katie
Married Name: Catherine E Dean

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Quality of Data: Secondary


Gender: FemaleFemale

Birth: Yes
Death: Yes
Personal Facts and Details
Marriage Robert L "Rob" Dean -

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Immediate Family  (F12)
Robert L "Rob" Dean
1869 - 1976
Robert L Dean
1897 -
Catherine Frances "Dede" Dean
1901 -
John Dudley Dean
1906 -
Kenneth L "Kenny" Dean
1908 -

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Name U S Federal Census Records
Quality of Data: Secondary
Death of spouse Personal Letter Dorothea Dean Young to Bernadine Murray Mendon, cousin.
  Date of entry in original source: 21 June 1977
  Text: In her letter Dorothea passes on information concerning members of the large Dean family and she states " I keep in touch with both the Dobbins daughters and Katherine Dean Walters. Robert died last year before Xmas, and Kevin and Dudley Dean are both well in N.Y. with Dede."
Quality of Data: Secondary

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Close Relatives
Family with Robert L "Rob" Dean
Robert L "Rob" Dean ‎(I23)‎
Birth 5 October 1869 46 35 Joliet, Illinois
Death about December 1976 ‎(Age 107)‎

Marriage: Yes
Son (Birth)
Robert L Dean ‎(I88)‎
Birth 1897 27 Missouri
Death Yes
4 years
Daughter (Birth)
Catherine Frances "Dede" Dean ‎(I87)‎
Birth 1901 31 Missouri
Death Yes
5 years
John Dudley Dean ‎(I90)‎
Birth 1906 36 New York
Death Yes
2 years
Kenneth L "Kenny" Dean ‎(I89)‎
Birth 1908 38
Death Yes