James C. Murray  ‎(I4)‎
Given Names: James C.
Surname: Murray

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 1815 Ireland
Death: 1858 ‎(Age 43)‎ Corning, New York
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 1815 Ireland

Marriage Elizabeth McGrath -

Death 1858 ‎(Age 43)‎ Corning, New York

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Immediate Family  (F2)
Elizabeth McGrath
1820 -
Thomas J Murray
1849 - 1934
Catherine A. "Kate" Murray
1851 -
James A Murray
1853 -
Andrew D. Murray
1854 - 1927
Margaret Murray
1856 -


The 1855 Census of Corning, New York lists James' age as 40, born in Ireland, grocer, and lived in Corning for the past 8 years. It also lists Elizabeth's age as 44 and place of birth as Germany. Both of her facts seem to be in error as do the various ages of the first three children listed in that Census. We find many errors in those early censuses as recorders were often uneducated but willing and merely put down what they thought they heard, while the responder gave answers that often were "off the cuff", so to speak. The 1860 Census lists her as head of the family, age 31, born in Ireland and her occupation as a saloon keeper. She was the mother of five whose given ages are more accurate than the previous Census. Apparently, both Elizabeth and James came to America in 1847, or so, during the Irish exodus due to the potato famine. I feel that a birth date for Elizabeth of 1819 or 1820 is more accurate after examining all available data.

Elizabeth remarried a man named Leonard ‎(family name)‎ who had two sons, one of whom, James Leonard, lived for a time in Kansas City, Missouri. It is not known if these two were also her natural children or if she was their stepmother.

We can only assume that James C died, or simply left, sometime between 1856 and 1860 but Steuben County birth, death, and marriage records do not start until about 1882 so there is no official record available. Although we do not have a marriage record to establish this second marriage, we do know that there were two boys with a last name of Leonard ‎(one was named James Leonard)‎ who came to live in Kansas City, Missouri for a time and, while there, visited Andrew Murray and his family. It is not known if these two boys were Mr. Leonard's by a previous marriage or if they were products of Elizabeth's second marriage and therefore half-brothers to her other children by James Murray. The oldest child of James and Elizabeth Murray, Thomas J. Murray, lived in Corning, N. Y. while Andrew and his two sisters migrated to Kansas City. No one in the family ever spoke of the other child of theirs, James A., so we assume that he died at a young age.

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Close Relatives
Family with Elizabeth McGrath
James C. Murray ‎(I4)‎
Birth 1815 Ireland
Death 1858 ‎(Age 43)‎ Corning, New York
5 years
Elizabeth McGrath ‎(I5)‎
Birth 1820 Ireland
Death Yes

Marriage: Yes
Son (Birth)
Thomas J Murray ‎(I7)‎
Birth 4 January 1849 34 29 Steuben County, New York
Death 17 January 1934 ‎(Age 85)‎ Age: 95 Kansas City, Missouri
3 years
Daughter (Birth)
Catherine A. "Kate" Murray ‎(I6)‎
Birth September 1851 36 31 Steuben County, New York
Death Yes
16 months
Son (Birth)
James A Murray ‎(I14)‎
Birth 1853 38 33 Steuben County, New York
Death Yes
20 months
Andrew D. Murray ‎(I2)‎
Birth 4 September 1854 39 34 Corning, New York
Death 8 April 1927 ‎(Age 72)‎ Argentine, Kansas, Wyandotte County
16 months
Daughter (Birth)
Margaret Murray ‎(I8)‎
Birth 1856 41 36 Steuben County, New York
Death Yes