Mary Claibourne  ‎(I535)‎
Given Names: Mary
Surname: Claibourne

Gender: FemaleFemale

Birth: Yes
Death: Yes
Personal Facts and Details
Marriage Edward Rice Sr -

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Immediate Family  (F157)
Edward Rice Sr
1690 - 1769
Charles Rice
1711 - 1785
Edward Rice Jr
Clayborne Rice
Judith Rice
‎(unknown)‎ Rice


Mary Rice was named as an heir in the Edward Rice will written 1 May 1769.

"… I desire that my beloved Wife Mary have & possess the other part or parcel
of my Land with the plantation Containing by Estimation One hundred Acres be
the same more or less Dureing ‎(sic)‎ her Natural Life …"

"… I Likewise Lend all the Remainder of my Estate to my beloved wife Mary Dure
ing ‎(sic)‎ her Life and at her Decease to be Equally Divided Amongst all my Children
Except five pounds worth I desire my wife may make out to my Grandaughter ‎(sic)‎ Susannah
Smith in any of the goods She may think most proper to dispose of to that amount
or as much under as my wife thinks fit…"

To see a digital image of the will please refer to the individual page of Edward Rice ‎(I536)‎

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Close Relatives
Family with Edward Rice Sr
Edward Rice Sr ‎(I536)‎
Birth 17 April 1690 34 St. Peter's, New Kent County, Virginia
Death between 1 May 1769 and 15 October 1770 ‎(Age 79)‎ Goochland County, Virginia
Mary Claibourne ‎(I535)‎
Birth Yes
Death Yes

Marriage: Yes
Charles Rice ‎(I285)‎
Birth 25 November 1711 21 Goochland County, Virginia
Death 20 November 1785 ‎(Age 73)‎ Goochland County, Virginia
Son (Birth)
Edward Rice Jr ‎(I431)‎
Birth Goochland County, Virginia
Death Yes
Son (Birth)
Clayborne Rice ‎(I432)‎
Birth Goochland County, Virginia
Death Yes
Daughter (Birth)
Judith Rice ‎(I433)‎
Birth Goochland County, Virginia
Death Yes
Daughter (Birth)
‎(unknown)‎ Rice ‎(I434)‎
Birth Goochland County, Virginia
Death Yes

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